pot and kettle

In my post On Bombs and Remembrance I wrote: “We cannot understand the rise of Hitler and the determination of the Germans to fight for their lives against the rest of the world unless we understand that they might have … Continue reading

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on bombs and remembrance

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I am learning more about the bombing of civilians of Germany because of an art project project I am absorbed in. As I am drawing I have listened twice so far to a program on the subject of God, Good … Continue reading

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I had been restless at home a few years ago, and when a friend said she was going shopping, I being typically a reluctant shopper, asked anyway if I could come along. We went to Value Village, a second- hand … Continue reading

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hannah wakes from coma

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The weekend I decided to take a break from my blog, I discovered that the film  “Hannah Arendt” was showing at my city’s local repertoire theatre. The desire to avoid it was strong, after all I had just gotten to … Continue reading

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coma story

I went to a writer’s presentation in which Betsy Warland mentioned her idea of “Coma Story.” She explained that a Coma Story is a routinised version of events which we trot out automatically-it might be  story from childhood, or from … Continue reading

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a hole in my soul

On the train to art college, I felt excavated and hollow within; exhausted. Gazing out the window I tried to identify the feeling: “there is a hole in my soul” I whispered. Like a tire that had a leak..no matter … Continue reading

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last words

The impression that remains with me after reading these descriptions of the execution of  Nazi leadership is the opposite of what I expected; instead of feeling disgust at these men I felt something more like pity. There was something in … Continue reading

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